SLIDING DOORS IN STAINLESS STEEL - Sliding doors with or without bottom rail

Robust and safe sliding fire doors

SLIDING DOORS IN STAINLESS STEEL - Sliding doors with or without bottom rail

Sturdy and safe sliding doors represent a practical and safe solution for compartments where space is limited; the lateral sliding allows the creation of large compartments with reduced lateral dimensions. Made with one or two opposing or overlapping doors, they guarantee maximum safety. They are a valid solution for food, chemical and pharmaceutical environments.


The sliding door is made up of 52 mm thick sashes with respective internal perimeter frames in 20/10 thick galvanised steel profile; the sashes are completely covered with smooth stainless steel sheets; the external surface is completely smooth with a satin effect . The insulation is guaranteed by the injection of self-extinguishing polyurethane foam according to DIN 4102 class B2, with a density of not less than 43/45 kg/m³, obtained by means of an expansion process under press which ensures a high degree of thermal insulation. We prevent scratches by applying adhesive film to be removed after installation. The upper rail is fixed in veletta or to the ceiling by special brackets designed and manufactured by us in stainless steel. The upper slide is guaranteed by nylon olives which guarantee silence and great manoeuvrability. Everything is covered with a stainless steel sheet casing and siliconised in the upper part. (Optional)

With the sliding door on the floor, stainless steel wheels with double bearings are inserted in the lower tube. The upper and lower closure is made with nylon brushes with stainless steel support. The lower guide is in the shape of an omega reverse in press-folded stainless steel and supplied with spacers to facilitate installation (at the customer's expense) and respect of the door centre distance. In the upper "C" guide in stainless steel, nylon wheels slide fixed to the upper part of the door.

With the suspended sliding door, the upper sliding is guaranteed by trolleys with 4 stainless steel bearings that slide in a single stainless steel rail. The whole is covered by stainless steel and siliconised sheet metal casing in the upper part. In the lower part, a stainless steel plate with double nylon wheels that guide the door in the sliding in a rigid way is fixed to the ground beyond the wall compartment.

The closure on the internal side, is guaranteed by stainless steel 4 point fixing and central clutch. The handle prevents the hands from being crushed and guarantees the sliding of the stainless steel rod at one point of closure downwards. The same is fixed in the rod loops which guarantee precision and considerable sliding. The lower end of the rod is made of a stainless steel tip. In the case where the door is already supplied motorised as standard, the upper part is supplied with a safety micro to prevent unintentional opening with consequent problems with the motorisation.

The vertical seals, front and rear, are made of EPDM (anti-aging) natural rubber to ensure maximum closure. The space between the door and the rebate or between the doors is 50 mm (anti-crush) on all versions: manual, motorised or motorised as per current regulations. Prepared for standard motorisation.

Ready for standard motorisation for the floor solution Prepared for motorisation on request with special upper guide.



Fields of application with temperatures between +4° C and +40° C

CE marking EN 13241-1 (CPD), wind resistance class 3

Acoustic isolation UNI EN 717-1; R=28dB

Thermal transmittance according to standard 13241-1 U=1.6W / m²K



  • Motors according to current standards
  • Pedestrian door with or without threshold (wicket door)
  • Visual lights with safety glass
  • Perimeter padding
  • External tower bolt with lock and lever
  • Ventilation grids
  • Support beams
  • Fixed side and top panels


Moreschi DOORS are certified according to fire regulations.

Customizable dimensions.

Standard, satin

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

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