FLY FIRE – Single or double leaf fire rated doors

Practical and safe in all conditions

FLY FIRE – Single or double leaf fire rated doors

Moreschi fire rated single or double leaf doors have been designed and manufactured with the same production process as the sliding door. The doors have been subjected to the strictest quality controls and therefore guarantee the maximum active and passive safety of people, structures and goods.


The fire rated doors are made up of 60 mm thick sashes with a perimeter frame on three sides in press-folded and Z- shaped steel with clamps to wall, dowel, screw on plasterboard walls or counterframe. Steel sheets on the two external sides with programmed deformability. Patented internal insulation pack for resistance to high temperatures. The door is equipped with 2 patented hinges, 1 of which with an internal spring that can be adjusted for reclosure and 1 rostrum. The thermo-expanding gaskets are installed on the frame and in the lower part of the sash; the handle supplied as standard is of accident prevention conformation with a steel core and covered in nylon, while the lock is reversible with double coupling for the cylinder (standard). Identification plate that is applied directly on the door side, where the name of the manufacturer, year of manufacture, name of the certification body, test certificate number, fire resistance class, progressive distinguishing number with annual reference are shown.

Doors certified in accordance with the regulations in force and approved in compliance with the Ministerial provisions in force.

Fire doors and windows are normally used for internal compartments and are made for this purpose. According to their dimensions and particular functions, fire doors must be carefully designed.

Finish: primer Curtain after oven curing 160° epoxy-polyester for indoor use.

Weight:54 Kg/m² wall hole

Doors to wall at the customer's expense or to dowel at our expense



-Visual lights

-Panic bar

-Panic bar for double leaf doors

-Access control

-Door closer to DIN standards

-Unified cylinders

-Electromagnet kit

-Kit with dowel on masonry wall

Screw-on kit on plasterboard wall

-Under door seals and cold flue gaskets

-Painting in RAL colour: your choice



Door 1 - 2 leaf doors EI 60/120.

Customizable dimensions.

Standard colour grey RAL 7035
On request: oven-baked painting in RAL colour

Suitable for indoor use.

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