FOLDING GLASS – Multileafed folding with bottom guide rail

Large openings, great brightness

FOLDING GLASS – Multileafed folding with bottom guide rail

Folding doors with bottom rails are the best solution for large rooms and make the working environment extraordinarily bright and transparent. Indoor or outdoor installation makes the most of the versatility of the side door wrapping.


The multileafed glazed door is made up of doors made with perimeter profiles in tubular steel with a dim.60x90mm section and connecting crosspieces made with tubular steel profiles with a dim.60x90mm section. all with a zinc bath finish and subsequent painting in a RAL colour of your choice with a peel effect. Half glass curtain walling of the type and finish of your choice (double glazing, safety glass, transparent, satin glass, etc.) with a maximum total thickness of 40mm.

Snap-in glazing bead made with a suitably sized profile in painted aluminium in the same colour as the door.

The upper guide, in standard black painted steel, has a double modular rail complete with: suitably sized sliding trolleys with relative bearings; fixing brackets; upper brackets with galvanised finish with relative slots for wall fixing so as to allow possible adjustments; lateral flag for the collection of the doors during opening; chain support with relative chain tensioner and motor support so as to allow possible future motorisation.

The lower guide, in the shape of a "U", is in galvanised steel, bent to our design and supplied with spacers to facilitate installation and allow the door centre distance to be respected. The closure is achieved by installing a tip at a locking point that engages directly into the lower rail.

By gripping the aluminium handle it is possible to move the door with extreme ease thanks also to the trolleys with bearings that slide in the upper guide.

The door, when closing, goes directly into rebate on tubular 120x40mm with galvanised and black painted finish.

The hinges, with frontal and internal fixing, are in aluminium alloy in matt black colour and obtained by die-casting process; a particular study has allowed to obtain hinges able to absorb shocks of means in order to limit possible damages to the doors. With the insertion of self-lubricating bushings and thrust bearings, maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Galvanized pin with anti-fall and milling system to ensure fixing with internal grain. This system prevents it from slipping off, with the consequent opening of the door.

The sealing gaskets between sash and door, with crossed double leaf, are in EPDM (anti-aging) natural rubber to guarantee maximum closure; furthermore the space between the sashes is 50 mm (anti-crushing) on all versions: manual, motorised or motorised as per current regulations. In the upper and lower part the closure is guaranteed by a double needle gasket with pre-cut parts to guarantee the possibility of adjustment on non-planar floors. Finally, the vertical and horizontal gaskets are thermally welded together to create a single profile that guarantees tightness and thermal insulation.


Fields of application with temperatures between +4° C and +40° C

CE marking EN 13241-1 (CPD), wind resistance class 4

Acoustic insolation UNI EN 717-1; R=28dB 12428 depending on the infill. Contact our technical office

Thermal transmittance according to standard 13241-1 annex B UNI EN 12428 depending on the infill. Contact our technical office



  • Motors according to current standards
  • Pedestrian door without threshold (wicket door)
  • Perimeter padding
  • External tower bolt with lock and lever
  • Support beams
  • Fixed side and top panels
  • Doors covering with: sandwich panels, mesh, wood.
  • Painting in RAL colour of your choice
  • Any availability for other colours/effects must be evaluated during the colour confirmation by the customer.



Moreschi guarantees a robust product of absolute design.

Customizable dimensions.

Choice of RAL colour with peel effect.

Suitable for outdoor use.

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