SPEEDY ROLL - Rapid roll-up doors

Rolling takes place in a very small space

SPEEDY ROLL - Rapid roll-up doors

The quick roll-up door offers the same quality standards as the wrapping door with unique characteristics of flexibility.


Rolling door made up of self-supporting galvanised steel metal structure with wear-resistant rubber profiles for sliding Structure; rotation shaft on bearings; 400/230 V three-phase power supply operating unit with electromagnetic brake, limit switch unit, positioned laterally. Motor casing in galvanised sheet steel; protected transmission elements. Anti-crushing safety (UNI EN 12453): infrared photocell transmitter-receiver unit; inductive type inductive edge via radio with self-test with flexible tear-proof PVC fabric sheet; switchboard in IP 66 plastic case; programmable operating logic (automatic, semi-automatic, man present); 230/400 V three-phase 50 Hz power supply; low voltage 24 V auxiliary; opening button on switchboard and no. 01 open/stop push-button panel separately.

Device for manual opening and closing from the ground with safety micro and crank handle in the absence of tension.

Intermittent flashing beacon with 220 V power supply.

Curtaining winding speed up to 1 m/sec.

Structure, with high yield strength steel tubes for wind load resistance, in PVC Curtained polyester tear-proof cloth, fire reaction class 2 (printed on the cloth as required by law).

Wind load resistance up to 3x3mt. CLASS 2 - higher than 3x3mt and up to 6x5mt CLASS 1.

Door supplied in its standard configuration with n°01 flexible transparent pvc Visual lights section 850x300mm. with rounded edges.



Structure colouring in RAL colour on request

Stainless steel structure

Additional window section / row of Visual lights

Insulated towel


Front motor

Radar, transmitter with receiver, magnetic floor loop, cable microswitch





Customizable dimensions.

Logo in silkscreen printing
Available colours:
orange similar RAL 2004, cream similar RAL 1013, white similar RAL 9016, yellow similar RAL 1003, red similar RAL 3002, grey similar RAL 7035/7037/7038), green similar RAL 6026, light blue similar RAL 5015, blue similar RAL 5005/5010/5013), black similar RAL 9005, silver similar RAL 9006.

Recommended for indoor use.

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