SECTIONAL GLASS - Sectional glazed doors

Sectional glazed aluminium sectional doors

SECTIONAL GLASS - Sectional doors 

The sectional glazed aluminium sectional door, with its upward sliding solutions, optimises side and workspace spaces. It gives brightness to the interior spaces and elegance to the rooms.


The glazed sectional door is made of natural anodised aluminium elements 42mm thick with variable height. Thanks to the special design of the door elements, there is no risk of crushing fingers on the outside or inside. Internally, the panel is reinforced with sturdy steel plates that guarantee secure fastening of the hinges and all other accessories. Filling with transparent and extremely scratch-resistant synthetic material.

The lateral and upper sliding guides are made of steel with a galvanised finish, suitably shaped so as to obtain maximum rigidity and minimum overall dimensions for assembly. The suspension of the sliding guides on the ceiling is carried out by means of galvanised steel brackets with slots to be adapted to each installation situation. The trolleys that slide in the guides have nylon wheels with steel supports. The hinges connecting the panels and the supports for the trolleys are made of steel with a galvanised finish. To cushion the door when opening, galvanised steel shock absorbers are installed in the final part of the guides. The movement and counter-balancing of the door is guaranteed by a special shaft with appropriately sized painted torsion springs. In the event of a spring breaking, the door leaf is prevented from falling down thanks to the parachute system; this device is integrated in the suspension system and depends on the load and is equipped with a stopping tooth and active against the breakage of the rope or spring (European Patent). The load-bearing ropes are guided between the door leaf and frame without protruding components and therefore without risk of injury. EPDM floor seal with triple chamber and double lip, side seals, lip seal on the lintel and intermediate seal between the individual elements. The manual version of the door can be moved with a chain or rope hoist (mandatory for completely vertical opening). The same can be motorised, as it is always prearranged, even after assembly. The motorisation (Optional) always complies with current regulations and is completed with all the necessary safety accessories (photocells, lower edge with optosensor, warning light). In the version with manual operation, the lock is closed from the inside by means of a padlockable bolt, which rotates automatically or with floor lock.

Fields of application with temperatures between +4° C and +40° C

CE marking EN 13241-1 (CPD), resistance class depending on dimensions

Acoustic insolation UNI EN 717-1; depending on the chosen infill

Thermal insulation according to the standard UNI EN13241 annex B UNI EN 12428 according to the selected insulation



  • Motors according to current standards
  • Pedestrian door with low threshold
  • Perimeter padding
  • Support beams
  • Lateral tubulars
  • Fixed side and top panels
  • Ventilation grids
  • Doors covering with: sandwich panels, mesh
  • Painting in RAL colour: your choice



Moreschi guarantees a robust product of absolute design.

Customizable dimensions.

Standard colour, natural aluminium.
Paintable in a RAL colour of your choice

Suitable for outdoor use.

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