FLY STEEL - Single doors

Single or double leaves door with steel frame.


Practical, sturdy, efficient: the hinged door with steel frame ensures operation even with particularly intense use.
Ideal solution for emergency exits, it is possible to equip it with a panic handle in compliance with standards, as well as various accessories such as Visual lights s, safety locks, etc.


The door consists of 52 mm thick doors. 20/10 thick galvanised steel perimeter frame, painted black, with anti-spatter gasket seat, anchored to the wall compartment by means of expansion plugs: the doors are completely covered with smooth or peeled sheets obtained by continuous rolling process, in galvanised steel SENDZIMIR system, followed by phosphating and the application of 5 Micron thick primer on both faces. On the external side is applied the finishing varnish with a thickness of 20 Micron. The surface thus obtained is completely smooth. This pre-painting offers, without any alteration, the resistance of 400 hours in a salt spray chamber. Finally, we prevent scratches by applying adhesive film to be removed after installation.

The insulation is guaranteed by the injection of self-extinguishing polyurethane foam according to DIN 4102 class B2, with a density of not less than 43/45 kg/m³, obtained through an under-press expansion process that ensures a high degree of thermal insulation. The hinges are made of black painted aluminium alloy, with anti-slip pin and anti-unscrewing frontal stripes. They allow the door leaf to be adjusted even after installation.

In the upper part there is a special galvanized and black painted steel profile to be inserted between the frame and the wall; it will be siliconized and will guarantee watertight between the wall and the frame. In the lower part, the closure is guaranteed by a double needle seal with pre-cut parts to guarantee the possibility of adjustment on non-planar floors.


Fields of application with temperatures between +4° C and +40° C

CE Marking EN 13241-1 (CPD)

Acoustic isolation UNI EN 717-1; R=28dB

Thermal transmittance according to standard 13241-1 U=1.7W / m²K



  • Panic bars
  • Panic bars with electric striker
  • Electric locks
  • Security locks
  • Door Closing Pumps
  • Unified cylinders
  • Visual lights with safety glass
  • Perimeter padding
  • Ventilation grids
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Corten Steel construction
  • Prepainted colours : grey RAL 9002, Aluminium white RAL 9006, Aluminium grey RAL9007, Fire red RAL 3000, Moss green RAL 6005, Gentian blue RAL 5010, Pure white RAL 9010, Traffic white RAL 9016, Earth brown RAL 8028, Anthracite grey RAL 7016.
  • Painting in RAL colour of your choice



Made with the same production process as the doors, the hinged pedestrian door has all the quality features of Moreschi's products.

Maximum achievable dimensions:
single leaf 1300x3000
double leaf door 2500x3000

Standard panel B. w/grey similar RAL 9002, standard frame painted black. RAL9002, Aluminium white RAL 9006, Aluminium grey RAL 9007, Fire red RAL 3000, Moss green RAL 6005, Gentian blue RAL 5010, Pure white RAL 9010, Traffic white RAL 9016, Earth brown RAL 8028, Anthracite grey RAL 7016.

Indoor and outdoor use.

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